Tuesday, November 29, 2005

" whiskey..."

" whiskey..."
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Blogger reader_iam said...

I'm so glad to see (am I assuming correctly?) that this idea is still alive.

It's my favorite and I like to come back and look it.

I'm fascinated, given its name, that it does bring to mind the phrase "two-fisted drinker." And I keep playing with the notion of whether the red level has dropped (as in draining a glass) or is rising (as in nefarious acts as the night goes on). Or both? Or in terms of the former causing the latter?

It also brings to my mind the image of mercury rising in a thermometer.

Anyway, this may be stupid--and I don't have the proper language to discuss visual art (except for film and maybe photography, this is the one area of the arts in which I was poorly educated, although I love and enjoy it). But it's what I ponder when I revisit the image.

7:47 AM  
Blogger reader_iam said...

See, I finally did get around to writing that comment!

; )

7:47 AM  
Blogger Lhombre said...

reader I am: Yes you did get around to commenting and I really do appreciate your thoughts. As to not being able to express your ideas as to these works: No Way! What an insightful look at thhe image! Not many people who have looked at it caught the structural component of the "two-fisted" drinker. And your insight into the perception of mercury in a thermometer really reinforces my faith in images such as mine being able to communiicate on more than one level; especially while trying to stay consistent with the theme; in this case Algren's quote.

I would also like to hear more about your photography and film background. You sound very interesting! I hope you might find time to visit my web site at: www.danramirez.net

Thanks again for stopping by. I do plan to keep up with the project on line as it becomes a reality. The installation of the work is scheduled for mid-2007.

I also look forward to seeing what going on aty your blog.

8:07 AM  
Blogger reader_iam said...

Eek! I look at this now and realized I dropped a couple of sentences in the cut-and-paste after "... former causing the latter?":

"Or in terms of the latter being required to numb the former? Or is it just that pathologies tend to tangle and therefore somehow reproduce, even mutate, in ways unintended even by the most unrepentant?"

Irrelevant now, but just for the record, because I hate it when I screw up stuff like that.

Thanks for your very kind words ... and how nice of you to e-mail me. I'm slow in responding just now, because I'm so swamped, as you can imagine, just now.

As to your question, I will answer it. It just might be few days.

Don't know what your relation to the season is, but whatever would be appropriate, please assume the appropriate good thoughts and "hope-for-you's".


7:17 PM  

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