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OLE! La Duquesa de Gallifa IX

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Here is the final stages of the Duquesa. I have also included the source of the inspiration for this ongoing series Goya’s “The Duchess of Alba” (white version). This particular variation focuses on the sash that she is wearing around her waist. The rest of the painting centers around various issues of light, object, and space. Of course there is also a personal romantic side to this series which will remain silent.

I have included four stages and the finished painting. The first stage (pic#1) is the measuring for the line articulation; pic#2 is the taping process; pic#3 is the painting in of the linear elements; pic#4 is the finished work, and pic#5 is a side view that details the edge of the right side.

The painting is 66 inches high and 79 inches wide. The “Gallifa” tag to the title is in reference to Gallifa, Spain which is located at the Josep Llorens Artigas Foundation where I worked this past summer.

I hope you enjoyed the progress of the work. I welcome any comments you may have. As I mentioned in an earlier post I plan to share some of my future projects with you as well.

I notice that pic#4 and pic#5 flip-floped. Oh, well. I hope it's still clear.


Blogger Jean said...

I live close to Castres where is a Goya museum, with a significant collection of his : "Caprices". I very like especially dos y tres de mayo.

Like you, I like much to listen to music while I work my photographs; especially J.S Bach which I adore.
When I was young, I painted a little with oil. At that time, I was insane requiem of Mozart...
I like much what you do, you go towards the essence, you are a mystic! I am convaicu that the more the image is simplified, the more it is sober, the more it is pure. It is Zen, the dry garden japonnais.
I thank you for your comments, you perfectly guessed what I wanted to express.

J'habite près de Castres où se trouve un musée Goya , avec une importante collection de ses eaux -fortes : "Caprices " .
J'aime surtout dos y tres de mayo .

Comme vous , j'aime beaucoup écouter de la musique pendant que je travaille mes photos ; surtout J.S Bach que j'adore .
Quand j'étais jeune , j'ai un peu peint à l'huile . A cette époque , j'étais fou du requiem de Mozart ...

J'aime beaucoup ce que vous faites , vous allez vers l'essence , vous êtes un mystique !
Je suis convaicu que plus l'image se simplifie , plus elle est sobre , plus elle est pure .
C'est le Zen , le jardin sec japonnais .
Je vous remercie pour vos commentaires , vous avez parfaitement deviné ce que je voulais exprimer .

8:43 AM  
Blogger Lhombre said...

Jean : merci pour regarde mon site web. Mais.. Un mystique ! Oh ! Non ! Mais. ..I Zen d'amour. Et je crois aussi que c'est possible de montrer beaucoup d'avec très petit. Et. ..the moins il y a le plus puissant l'a pensé peut être. ..with une petite chance bien sûr !

J'apprécie vos images beaucoup. Vous pouvoir me dit plus de votre intérêt dans les photographies de hubble. Ils sont des images incroyables. Le plus récent l'un m'a rappelé d'un mamelon de sein et une auréole. Image fantastique !

Jean:Thank you for looking at my web site. But... A mystic! Oh! No! But...I do love Zen. And I too believe that it is possible to show much with very little. And...the less there is the more powerful the thought can be...with a little luck of course!

I enjoy your pictures very much. Can you tell me more about your interest in the hubble photographs. They are incredible images. The most recent one reminded me of a breast nipple and an aureole. Fantastic image!

11:37 AM  
Blogger MB said...

Mi amigo: All I can say is you do show a lot with a little with this one! Although I think saying "a little" is deceptive. The elements of this seem simple, but the luminous quality of the color is amazing and I imagine that took time and patience to achieve... and I love that you use a brush (not spray) leaving the traces of your hand in there. It's incredibly smoothly graded but without being mechanical, which I find very appealing. A steady hand!

Wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing all this!

2:48 PM  
Blogger Brenda said...

A blog is the perfect place to post works-in-progress. While I find this piece quite far from the Goya, in comparison to some of the other pieces, I find the counterpoint most interesting. From figurative to abstract. From sensuous flesh and brocade to stark lines composed of layers of lacquers (for that is the impression I have) in which the sensuality is contained and spreads redly in a striking half arrow that is impossible not to look at.

4:33 PM  
Blogger Lhombre said...

Brenda: "growing old" oooh! that hurts! Just kidding! Thanks for all the great comments. I really appreciate your take on the "Duquesa" painting. I agree with your perception as to the difference in the geometric version versus the earlier ones. I love exploring the different possibilities of interpreting various sections of the Goya painting. I will be doing many more.

It's Scotch Brand Tape! But...that's not the secret! Try "Mystic" tape!

5:53 PM  

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