Monday, November 14, 2005

The Lady That Never Sleeps

On the heels of some thoughtful comments on karma,coincidence, and my "silent" muse in my recent post "It was the best of times. It was the...," I have posted below the tattoo that I alluded to along with the poem that it elicited.

I had this Tattoo drawn on my right arm when I was 14 years old at a Tattoo parlor in Chicago. It became a topic of conversation often in my previous marriage among my former wife Linda ( who referred to it as "The Lady Who Never Sleeps") and our two boys Matthew and Jason.

I used to draw tattoo's on my friends when I was a youngster. I used the old red and blue combination pencil ( I guess that's dating myself a bit!) to simulate the actual ( permanent) process. When I had my tattoo put on I was very anxious (scared might be more accurate) as to how my parents, mainly my dad, would respond. So...I lied! My dad knew that I drew fake tattoo's on my friends so I thought I could put the truth off for a while by saying that I drew mine also. To which my dad responded, " Aren't you right-handed?" Gulp! And the rest is history.

I have carried this identification(?) with great pride for reasons too many of which to elaborate on. But currently, on a very personal level, I have found many associations with her as regards my "silent" muse. In fact it was while reminiscing about my muse that the poem came about; a period where I was feeling very much alone and with a strong sense of ageing and mortality. But that aside, I thought it might be interesting to see if anyone might have some thoughts about the poem, the image, and the post's that I have been writing. I realize that many of the issues that I try to raise are at times not very clear. But the comments that I have received have been very helpful and at times...very clarifying!


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